Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dammy Krane Calls Out Wizkid For Stealing

Dammy Krane calls Wizkid a thief

Singer Dammy Krane has called out Wizkid for stealing his stuff. he called Wizkid a thief. Dammy Krane took to Twitter to reveal some bad blood between himself and fellow singer Wizkid. 

Dammy Krane  wrote

"I have a problem with fake ass people,I always try and be real and let things go but I will address something first!

"Last year my brother got robbed and was beaten to death in America,I have a problem with thieves and people who try to intimidate others.

"This industry nigga has been trying it for a while.Stole a couple of my stuff but I didn’t talk....

 "Wizkid is a bitch nigga, I was about to loose it and fuck him up but they even had to beg me,no time to form I am the streets! 

"Lol next time you want my shit just ask,Balu, 

"2016 my fathers name is “surulere” my mothers name is “Kemi Oshodi” ask around,I hold street for pocket 

" Yet another celebrity beef and 2016 is just days old. What is happening?

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