Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ice Prince Loses Girlfriend To Sugardaddy Because He Snores While Sleeping And Isn’t Rich Enough For ‘Free Trips'


Ice Prince’s girlfriend Maima has finally opened up on what actually happened. “Maima didn’t cheat on Ice Prince, but she continued seeing and sharing bed(s) with Akin, her sugardaddy who bought her first car and takes her on free trips abroad while supposedly in a relationship with the Superstar hit maker”. In her own words. 

Maima who has become the joke on social media following revelations of her promiscuity had this to say in her defense. 

"Yes i know akin, we dated before i met Ice… and we saw couple of times when i started dating Ice … I know people think i am a Hoe ..i am not … People ask me why i still went on trips with akin after my relationship with ice prince went public… I tell them …cause Akin is better in bed …
I mean after all the trips , we get to our room and akin sleeps off without touching me ..i mean when he sleeps in bed he doesn’t snore like ice prince… Ice prince snores so bad ..its like he is rapping Oleku over again …. So its free trips and who is better in bed that matters sometimes…but i never cheated on Ice prince”

Please note that Maima was with Akin, (the unscrupulous sugardaddy who decided to go public on his side piece shunning the fact that he’s a married man with family and kids and a whole lot more to lose), eight weeks ago while still with Ice Prince. Maybe they both truly love Maima and don’t care what happens next. 

Maima wants Nigerians to understand her plight. It’s not easy sleeping on the same bed with Ice Prince when he’s snoring like his hit single Oleku, so she had to just change beds a few times. But nothing happened. Akin takes her out, spends on her, gives her “free trips” Ice Prince can’t afford and just let’s her sleep off without touching her. 

Ghana girls have zero chillz biko

Who comes out to say this kind of thing?

Sorry Iceprince, put the pain into your next single, you should have a hit if you do!

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